Walking Black Point at Mono Lake

A few weeks ago, the Kid and I grabbed a chance to go to Yosemite for a weekend trip. The afternoon we arrived, we drove over to Mono Lake and hiked from a trailhead by Black Point. No marked trail. We got to bushwhack (and the bushes whacked back).

From the top of the hill we hiked up, looking down towards the lake.
Looking down to Mono Lake

We had a goal. One of our friends remembered finding fissures up here on her last visit. We found them again, and the adventure of looking for something, no trail, made for a very happy Kid. The Kid and friend were buzzed by a snow owl (“in summer!” said the Kid in amazement) cruising over them in a different fissure.

Going into the fissure Mono Lake

We ran down the black sand side of Black Point, switchbacking all the way. Looking back:

Black Point at Mono Lake

“Better than LegoLand!” said the Kid.

(We were sorely disappointed the next day. The Kid was sick, so he and I stayed in the cabin all day before driving back home.)


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  1. “Better than LegoLand” – I love it!! I’m sorry to hear he was sick, but glad that you guys got such a memorable day first.

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