Train Ride, Oakland to Fresno to Oakland

Instead of going to Mexico to visit family last week, the Kid and I stayed home for vacation. First he was sick, and we cancelled all the fun stuff we’d scheduled to distract ourselves from changed plans. But then he was better, in time to take the train to Fresno for a quick overnight visit with a friend. (We had to take the train. The car was sicker than the Kid and still in the shop.)

A few photos there and back.

Thursday morning we took a taxi to the Amtrak station in Jack London Square.
Amtrak station Jack London Square Oakland

Port of Oakland cranes.
Port of Oakland cranes from Amtrak

A little bit of the Bay.
Bay from Amtrak

A different view of the Carquinez Bridge.
Carquinez Bridge from Amtrak

Leaving the coast hills.
Amtrak leaving the coastal hills

Central Valley, with computer.
Valley from Amtrak

Irrigating the Central Valley.
Irrigation from Amtrak

Orchard from Amtrak

The sun came out, almost to Fresno.
Sun came out, from Amtrak

We went to Fresno to see a dog.
Fresno with Labradoodle

And we were back on the train again the next afternoon.
On Amtrak again

Spinning cotton with a tahkli, in the sun on the train. I always have something to do.
Cotton tahki spinning on Amtrak

Afternoon light over flat fields.
Flat fields going north on Amtrak

Water again, into the Delta.
Delta? North on Amtrak

I love the hills. I’m usually driving, so I indulged myself with more than one photo of the hills. Green!
Green hills going north on Amtrak

Darker sky, brown wetlands grass, almost into the cities again.
Brown grass going north on Amtrak

The train ride was about 4 hours, maybe an hour longer than driving. But I could take lots and lots and lots of pictures, and spin and knit and the bathroom travelled with us. The Kid got a little bored, but he was pretty content with the train ride. I don’t think we’ll do it often, but it was a nice adventure for our vacation.


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