La Playa Fria On a Saturday Afternoon

Saturday was the start of the normal weekend. Morning martial arts class, lots of quehaceres, most of which didn’t get done because the car was ready for pick-up. I’m thankful for the free shuttle service, which was only about half an hour later than I wanted, but just good enough. The cousins in Richmond were off school this last week too, but we’ve had the sick Kid and the sick car and then a train adventure and oh, we’re very busy people.

Forget the quehaceres! We grabbed the girls and took them to the beach. Rodeo Beach, Fort Cronkhite, Marin Headlands. La playa fria. It wasn’t so cold. The wind was strong, but it’s been stronger, and it was almost a warm wind. Warm for la playa fria. But not a warm day.

They were properly appreciative of the gray beauty of the waves. Good girls!

Low tide cliffs la playa fria

La playa fria primos
(It wasn’t really this dark. But I wanted the kids in silhouette more because I like the look. My photo! I can mess with it how I want!)

And then we ate Indian food at Sartaj in Sausalito. As is right.


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