Exploring Art

I’ve heard of this place out on the Bay, with lots of sculptures and sometimes at risk of disappearing (tides? officials? dunno). I’ve never been – so many places I’ve never been. It has a name – Albany Bulb – and what a fascinating place to explore! With a little care not to walk through somebody’s campsite.

A bunker, a castle, una casita.
Albany Bulb casita

Sex ed. (Definitely sperm. We walked over more along that path.)
Albany Bulb sperm

Eyes. And a cat.
Eyes and cat Albany Bulb

Sometimes we stepped on things we almost didn’t notice.
Asphalt chunk tree Albany Bulb

Sometimes we walked around a bend of hill and water and found astonishment.
Mounted Albany Bulb

And a sword fighter or dancer.
Sword Albany Bulb

Sun salutations? Or is she La Llorona? Or somebody else?
Sun salutation o la llorona? Albany Bulb

And nature manages beauty fine without us.
Mud flats apple blossoms Albany Bulb


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