End of November

Zoom Zoom Zoom the weeks whisk by. We had a lovely long weekend, including Thanksgiving and a birthday and family visiting. And the possibility of rain! In fact, the forecast was lots of rain!

So we went to the Marin Headlands Friday, ahead of the rain. The waves were large and the weather was mild. Warm. No wind. The long edge of cloud moved away before we left. We walked around the lagoon counting egrets (the Kid counted Audis, but not on the lagoon), and didn’t sit on the beach because we were hungry at the wrong time.

Black Friday beach
Black Friday lagoon

A little roadside geology.


It didn’t rain Saturday. Mostly gray sky. We were disappointed, but distracted by fun errands.

A view from Laurel Books now in downtown Oakland. (so big inside!)

Bookstore window
Oaks in the pavement. Somehow, they look healthy.
Oaks in plaza
Layers of buildings.
Not a parking ticket.
November Parking ticket

Then we went home and ate more enchiladas. And it rained Sunday morning.


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