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La Playa Fria On a Saturday Afternoon

Saturday was the start of the normal weekend. Morning martial arts class, lots of quehaceres, most of which didn’t get done because the car was ready for pick-up. I’m thankful for the free shuttle service, which was only about half an hour later than I wanted, but just good enough. The cousins in Richmond were off school this last week too, but we’ve had the sick Kid and the sick car and then a train adventure and oh, we’re very busy people.

Forget the quehaceres! We grabbed the girls and took them to the beach. Rodeo Beach, Fort Cronkhite, Marin Headlands. La playa fria. It wasn’t so cold. The wind was strong, but it’s been stronger, and it was almost a warm wind. Warm for la playa fria. But not a warm day.

They were properly appreciative of the gray beauty of the waves. Good girls!

Low tide cliffs la playa fria

La playa fria primos
(It wasn’t really this dark. But I wanted the kids in silhouette more because I like the look. My photo! I can mess with it how I want!)

And then we ate Indian food at Sartaj in Sausalito. As is right.

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Not Much Walking Around Telluride, August 2012

My brother’s lived in Telluride, Colorado for about ten years, but I never visited until last summer.  Between festivals and school and coworker vacations, we found a week.

Next time, and I hope there is a next time sooner than ten years, I want to stay at least ten days. Two weeks would be even better.

Sadly, about the time I adjusted to the altitude, I came down with a cold. I spent a day or so in the hotel, but at least I had a spectacular view. Mountain Village is a strange place, but the view!

Mtn Village hotel view

Before we left, we drove to Bridal Veil behind Telluride.

Mtn face behind Telluride

Bridal Veil Telluride

Walking behind Telluride at Bridal Veil

The elk came out for us on the Telluride Valley floor.
Elk Telluride Valley Floor

It was a nice visit, too quick, not enough oxygen for this coastal body.  Beautiful.

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I hear there’s a river north of here

We went adventuring Saturday with my brother-in-law’s family.  Husband calls me in the morning from his daily trip to the pulga.  “What are you doing today?”  “Oh, washing dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, nothing really.”  “Do you want to go on an adventure?  ‘Mon wants to find a river near Santa Rosa.”  “Okay!”  “Get ready now so we can leave.”

Did anybody tell me which river?  No.  Was I expected to find it?  Not really, though we pulled out the GPS.  Which doesn’t help much if I don’t have a name.

We found it.  My grouchy impatient bear of a husband didn’t eat anybody.  I finished the gusset on my sock.  We got wet in a not so warm river.  (One of the very few times I’ve missed Alabama heat.  At least the waters warm up!)  The kids had a blast!

The Russian River.  Of course.  (We stopped at Steelhead beach)

It was a good Saturday.  Sunday wasn’t bad either, until I dropped and broke a glass all over half the food I cooked for the next couple of days.  Yes, I cried.  So much for preparing ahead.  Grumble.  At least the pizza dough escaped.


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Here a pop, there a pop, everywhere a pop BOOM

It’s the Fourth of July, and my neighbors are celebrating in style!  Kiddo is running from window to window, chasing fireworks.  Why would we go to the professional ones, when we have all the fun right here at home?  The parking’s better, too.

I celebrated by sorting and tossing/recycling and actually putting away lots and lots of stuff.  All day.  I think I’ve stopped.  I’m not done.  I could do this all day and night for days and not be done.  But the recycling bin is full, and the trash isn’t far behind.  Kiddo and Papa hung out with the Richmond cousins and their other cousins and left me to my own, unusually house productive, devices.

Kiddo and I are finishing up our week of summer vacation together.  I was very happy to miss the family time today.  We’ve had a mostly awesome time, but a break is good.  Tuesday we’re back to the grind.  Summer camp for him, so not quite a grind!  But lunches, and up and out of the house, and coming home late.  We can tell it’s summer, because he has no homework.  Lucky boy.

Oh dear.  Frustrated kid.  He keeps missing the fireworks.  Must offer sympathy.

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A Very Small Joke

¿Qué comen los toreros?


(gracias al querido esposo)   (Yup, took me a minute to realize it was a joke.)

And just for fun, while I still remember, an abbreviated list of songs the kiddo has really liked so far in his long 7 years of life.

Cumbia pa’ la luna Cumbia pa’ el sol, Cumbia pa’ la reina de mi corazon…

Cama Cama Camaleon, Yo soy el camaleon…  (another cumbia)

American Boy (Estelle, especially the mix with somebody or other I can’t remember just now)

Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2   (last night, he played it while his legos warred.  Yes, on purpose.)

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(Wouldn’t you know it? I’m on theme for the weekend!)

I pulled out my old Strunk and White Elements of Style.  I haven’t looked at it in ages.  Had the APA format most recently for nursing papers, and I don’t remember what for Spanish lit (in Spanish, naturally) or all those other papers I stayed up nights writing.  I wrote my name across the top – handwriting (and name) indicates high school or earlier.  Open it up, and find some love from my Bopa.


Read this book!

Use this book when you write!

It is a lifetime companion!


Xmas 1988

I love finding notes in my books.  I really should remember to do the same when I’m giving them as presents.  I miss my grandparents, all of them, even the grandfather I don’t remember.  I miss knowing them now I’m an adult and to know them as adults (less so with Mema, but I wish…).   This grandfather, Bopa, we share words.  We used to write limericks to each other.  I’ve got one around here somewhere written by him, involving Frisco and Crisco (on his head).

Oops.  Kiddo is clamoring for our bit of Olympics-watching.  Time to suffer through prime-time NBC and watch what they think is good for us, in between commercials.  (I’m livid about the broadcasting of the Games.  Livid!  Possibly even rabid.  Definitely grouchy.)

Happy New Year!


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