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Chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal.  Every time I wonder out loud at the kid what cookies we should make Saturday, he says chocolate chip cookies.  I think he likes chocolate chip cookies.  I think we’ll make chocolate chip cookies.

Rusks.  Because they keep pretty well.

Orange walnut cake.

Chocolate chestnut log.  Or maybe this one later.

Moravian cookies, which I like.  The kid will help roll them out, but he won’t help eat them.  Such a tragedy.

Frigid Office Mitts – nearly done.  This weekend should see them completely done.  And his wife gets ‘It Itches.’

Brother’s girlfriend’s mitten and scarf repair.  A lover of handknits!  My brother brought the stuff from Colorado for me to fix.  I give my sister-in-law in Richmond sewing things to do for me.  And in turn, I fix knit stuff long distance from Colorado.  Somehow, it all works out.  Especially if I make that

Scarf for Sister-in-law.  Bright green!  Undulating ribs from Knitting New Scarves.

Slouchy lace hat for a coworker with unspun.  She found two wheels of it at the Salvation Army.  I make her a hat, and keep the rest to play with.  Oh yeah!

One year old mittens with that lovely green Jitterbug for one of the clinic workers.

BSJ for my coworker’s baby.  She likes that lovely green Jitterbug too.  So do I.  But I don’t have enough yarn left, and haven’t seen any that particular colour.  She asked if it would work with the end being a different colour.  Of course!  Maybe a dark turquoise…  And she’s perfectly happy however it is.

And the Orange Snakes Sweater.  I asked the kid when he wants his sweater done.  He said January, but he’ll give me until November.  That’s not much of a deadline!

This list needs an order of should-be-done.  Even better, if I work on each knit thing one at a time, I’ll get them all done.

No, this isn’t a Christmas gift list!  Other than the baking.  Just a list of things I need to do (knitting with pleasure, I assure you), and don’t want to forget.


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What about this weather, huh?

Crazy beautiful weekend, for middle November.  I would like some rain.  I’d rather not have another droughty winter and more water restrictions.  Nevertheless, Sunday was a beautiful day to go to the Zoo!  (after a very lazy Saturday afternoon in the backyard watching kids run through the wind and around clothes on the line)  Though I find I either expedition/relax, or I clean the house/cook/relax.  And not enough of the relax.

Didn’t knit much, not even at the soccer game Saturday.  Been reading more.  I picked up the third of the Urban Shaman books by C.E. Murphy – Coyote Dreams.  Satisfying, not so light reading.  This author is not one for a fuzzy happy ending.  More of a real life not ending. 

And I’m stocking up on Georgette Heyer books with the current printing.  I can’t afford to buy them all at once, so I pick up one or two at a time.  I just finished Black Sheep, which is clever funny.

My local niece does her First Communion in May, or maybe April.  Do you think I can knit a stole in time?  Lace for ten nieces!  Once again, my Big Plans bubble to the surface.  In this case, old Big Plans.  I ought to do it.  She’s local.  The timing is right.  Sort of.  If I started a kid sweater in March and still haven’t finished, do you think I can knit a lace stole (on the narrow side, naturally) in 5 months?  I really ought to do it.  It will be fun!  Really, it will!  I like lace!  I just don’t knit much lace, seeing as how I have to pay attention.  I’m going to do it.  Good thing I don’t have yarn yet for that big lace blanket I’m planning…

Ooh! I almost forgot!  I gave the forest tomten to my friend Sunday.  She likes it, the weather was too warm to use it.  I’ll try to remember to ask for photos of sweater in use.  If I can do it without sounding like I need proof it’s used.  Hmm…


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The Dark Times

We’re in the Darks.  The Kid asked me today why I picked him up so late.  It feels late when BART goes by with all the interior lights on.  Maybe this will translate into an earlier bedtime?  I always feel tired much earlier this time of year.

Even so, I made dinner!  Hurrah for me!  I know, I know.  What were we eating before?  I’ll answer that – food.  Whatever came to hand.  We’ve got difficult dinner schedules in our family.  My husband eats twice.  Lunch and dinner immediately when he gets home from work.  And he nearly always gets home before me.  So he fixes something for himself, and often something for the Kid if he picked him up, and I get home and fix something else for me.  Not conducive to the Family Dinner.  You know, there’s research about that:  the family that eats together is happier and healthier.  And I ain’t kidding.  I can even do a case study on us – when we sit down together, we’re happier with each other.  Can’t extrapolate much from one case study, but…

That there was a tangent.  I’m a good, sometimes even great, baker and dessert and breakfast maker.  Cooking, of actual dinners, is much harder for me to do.  (Especially if one third to one half of the family already ate before I got home.  But we already knew that.)

When my brother visited from Colorado, he brought pieces of the half cow he has in his freezer to share with us.  Yes, it’s already butchered.  He doesn’t have to walk into his little kitchen freezer and chop pieces off a frozen animal.  By the way, we’re not vegetarian.  We’re solidly omnivores.

So we had steak.  Poor husband – he looked at the two not large pieces of meat in the pan and wondered if it was enough food.  And chard cooked with onions and without forethought soused with the last inch or so of Two Buck Chuck sitting on the counter.  And leftover roasted squash.  And garlicked/herbed/buttered bread.  And it was easy!  And almost fast!  And more than enough!  And now I have dishes to wash!  But I would anyway. 

And I have enough for lunch tomorrow.  Aaah.

I need to do this more often.  (ask me what I think after washing the dishes and how come somebody else isn’t doing it?  Didn’t I wash them yesterday? Harrumph.  Not my idea to paint the house and get all tired.)  (That wasn’t me painting, and he’s not done yet.  He keeps having to go to work instead of staying home and painting all week.)

The Dark Times can be cozy, homey times.  Sometimes depressing, but I like them now, before the rains start, and I’m still anticipating holidays and planning grand things like dinner.  Rain I like too, but when I can be lazy and cozy inside.  Tea, coffee, chocolate, something warm and not too sweet just out of the oven.  Oh, yes!  And knitting.

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Countdown to vacation

One more day of work before vacation time!  (only one!  Agrgk ack!)  Then a day of frantically getting the house ready to survive without me and food packed for the flights and clothes washed and…

We’re off to see the Kid’s grandparents.  Alabama in August!  Hot, humid, hot.

What knitting to take?

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So many plans, so few hands

Remember that one pound cone of laceweight a few posts back?  I’m in the depths of the beginning of a lovely large epic possibly neverending idea.

I have a good number of nieces, at least 10, mostly in Mexico (ages 2 years to 17 or so?).  And I’m a godmother a few times over, mostly to nieces.  I’m making each of them a lace shawl.  (Don’t worry.  They’re in a family that appreciates handwork.)

lace for nieces books

 I have a small pile of books, and a good list of bookmarked webpages.  I lent out Victorian Lace Today (Jane Sowerby), and now I’m sure the shawl I want to knit first can only be in that book. 

I think this will take me many years.  I’ll be thrilled if I finish two a year.  To do so, I must start.  With only one.  Don’t ask which niece I’ll give it too!  (by age? by godmotherness, then age? by who my husband sees first when he visits? finish them all first and in good time to give them to their granddaughters?)

Wish me luck.

face and grass

(I warned you.)

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Knitting and thinking of knitting

I’m knitting the sleeve decreases on the Tomtem baby sweater (bathtime knitting).  By the way, this is a decent view of how the stripes will and won’t line up.

This is how I’m keeping track, so the second sleeve will come out the same.  I hope.

Kalev’s mittens (Nancy Bush, Folk Knitting in Estonia), into the second repeat (the second half of the second repeat!).  This is now a carry-around project.  I tried two-handed knitting, especially awkward through the corrugated ribbing.  I switched to carrying both colors in one hand.  I’m trying to keep an eye on the tension as I relax into the stranded knitting.  The pattern has a good rhythm.  I don’t recommend a project on DPNs for first attempts at stranded knitting – too many things happening at once, even though I’m very comfortable with DPNs.

The inside.

I have big ideas.  I think of them while I’m knitting little things, like socks and mittens and baby sweaters.  I’d probably think grand ideas while working on big things too.  I just don’t seem to have any at the moment.

What do you think this is for?  Zephyr Silk/Wool (50/50), laceweight, one pound cone, about 6300 yards, color vanilla.  A hint:  I’ll need more.

Ooh, I like the backlit grape leaf!


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Plans Frustrated

Woe is me.

I scheduled myself a vacation day today with the wispy hope I could see the Yarn Harlot in Petaluma tonight.  Unfortunately, I’d be home much much too late for a work/school night.  As I said, it was a wispy hope.  No matter – my work week so far has been such that I needed a day, more than I usually need a day.  This morning I happily made plans with myself – a massage scheduled, then to buy a floaty suit so the Kid can swim without barnacling to me, then to Lacis (by myself! with time!) for wandering, a few work phone calls, buttons for the baby sweater, and the Kid’s friend taking him home after school today. 

Instead, I have a sick kid (who feels fine but must be kept out of school/childcare).  Nuts. Peanuts. Walnuts. Donuts.

As annoyed and angry as I am about that guy on the plane (and I’m professionally annoyed), I know how hard it is to consider the health of others over our own pressing priorities (my massage!).  I work as a public health nurse.  My job is to stop the spread of infectious disease, to protect the public (that’s everybody, not just some of us).  And I had a hard time keeping the Kid home.  It was only a teeny bit of diarrhea fart!  But.  Diarrhea.  No school.

Since I’m home, maybe I’ll finish a sock (yay!) and work on the baby sleeeeeeeeeve.  And some photos of same.  And a work phone call I need to make (I’ve been taking calls all day)…

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