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What about this weather, huh?

Crazy beautiful weekend, for middle November.  I would like some rain.  I’d rather not have another droughty winter and more water restrictions.  Nevertheless, Sunday was a beautiful day to go to the Zoo!  (after a very lazy Saturday afternoon in the backyard watching kids run through the wind and around clothes on the line)  Though I find I either expedition/relax, or I clean the house/cook/relax.  And not enough of the relax.

Didn’t knit much, not even at the soccer game Saturday.  Been reading more.  I picked up the third of the Urban Shaman books by C.E. Murphy – Coyote Dreams.  Satisfying, not so light reading.  This author is not one for a fuzzy happy ending.  More of a real life not ending. 

And I’m stocking up on Georgette Heyer books with the current printing.  I can’t afford to buy them all at once, so I pick up one or two at a time.  I just finished Black Sheep, which is clever funny.

My local niece does her First Communion in May, or maybe April.  Do you think I can knit a stole in time?  Lace for ten nieces!  Once again, my Big Plans bubble to the surface.  In this case, old Big Plans.  I ought to do it.  She’s local.  The timing is right.  Sort of.  If I started a kid sweater in March and still haven’t finished, do you think I can knit a lace stole (on the narrow side, naturally) in 5 months?  I really ought to do it.  It will be fun!  Really, it will!  I like lace!  I just don’t knit much lace, seeing as how I have to pay attention.  I’m going to do it.  Good thing I don’t have yarn yet for that big lace blanket I’m planning…

Ooh! I almost forgot!  I gave the forest tomten to my friend Sunday.  She likes it, the weather was too warm to use it.  I’ll try to remember to ask for photos of sweater in use.  If I can do it without sounding like I need proof it’s used.  Hmm…



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And now the lace is out to get me, or maybe I’m out to get the lace

(Rental car is now reserved.) 

Row 7 (leaf and trellis shawl, Victorian Lace Today) and Row 5 of the name.  I lost 1 or 2 stitches and I can’t figure out how. 

I think I’ll start the start again.  And, ahem, swatch out the name by itself, just to see if that’s a chart error or my error.  Couldn’t possibly be my error!

 Why did I pick this up now?  I should have finished that robot arm.

 So I picked up a cozy book.  Georgette Heyer, The Masqueraders.  Much better.


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Leaf and Trellis Lace Swatch

I’ve knit one repeat of the leaf and trellis pattern.  I wanted to see if I need to add another stitch pattern repeat for a good width and if the needle size works.  Needles are fine.  I’m not sure if I want to make it wider or not.  The idea of a generous wrap appeals to me. 

Right now, it’s blocked out to 24 inches wide easily (with 3 stitch pattern repeats), and the edging will add to the width.  (It’s not our eyes.  It’s the photo.  Hard to get a good angle and good focus.)
1 swatch width VLT leaf and trellis

The gauge is good, I think.  The solid areas are solid and the holes are holes.  Contrast is so important for lace patterns.
1 swatch detail VLT leaf and trellis

Lace Landscape.
1 swatch detail2 VLT leaf and trellis

Zephyr silk and wool.  Size 2.0 mm (0) KnitPicks needles.  Jane Sowerby Victorian Lace Today, leaf and trellis shawl.

I think I’ll add another repeat.  This niece is tall.  And I need to swatch her name and figure out where it will fit best. 

Garbage news:  Teamsters still locked out.  The temporary workers hired by Waste Management are still visible today, but oh, they’re slow.  Waste Management stated they locked out their employees when the contract ran out to avoid a break in service in case of strike, despite the union pledging not to strike.  (according to KPFA news reports)  Two weeks before the garbage is picked up is not a break in service?  I hear the City is moving ahead with legal proceedings of some kind.  Good.

Recently Read:

Sunshine, Robin McKinley.  Written in a similar style to the ARC I read recently (Dragon something or other), but a much better read.  Possibly because the narrator has interaction with other people (conversations, actions) and it’s not just a book full of the narrator’s thought processes.  Possibly because the narrator is in general less annoying to me personally.  Good story, good conflicts.  Fantasy/supernatural.  The strange stuff makes complete sense in the context of this book’s reality.  It’s an everyday world with a bit of odd stuff and odd history.

First Impressions, Jude Deveraux.  Needed editing.  I was knocked out of the story several times by repetition or misplacement of descriptions/conversations.  Ok story, characters not particularly compelling.  From the library, so I’m not worried if I liked it or not.  Romance.

And a bunch of bedtime reading from the library.  The Witch’s Children is great fun and silly, as is Mother, Mother, I Feel SickMr. Carey’s Garden is sweet.  New Cat is pretty good, but the fire is scary.  And, of course, the inevitable machine/truck book One Big Building.

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Tomten, Lace, and dead camera batteries

buttons Tomtem

I finished the second sleeve of the Tomten Jacket (I thought I took a picture to prove it, but…). Next: seaming the sleeves and knitting the front band. Now: weaving in ends. Many ends. I picked up these buttons today, without the sweater in hand. I think they’ll do. (Colour’s off this photo.) The baby girl was born Wednesday! Congratulations to Mom!

one leaf and trellis VLT

I was right. The first lace shawl is in Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Today, large rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern with trellis border. Before casting on, I decided to add a repeat (43 st) of the central pattern. I may need to add another, or go up a needle size. I’ll decide after I knit more on this swatch and do a quick wet block. I have a feeling I’ll keep the needles (2.0 mm) and add a repeat. I don’t want stingy shawls for my nieces! The yarn feels lovely – soft and light.

In rabbit news: Her house is nearly finished. ETA: It’s finished enough. She’s moved in, with remodeling/additions planned. Photos when I change the camera batteries.

In Kid news: We’re recovering from a birthday party in Tilden Park, near the Merry-Go-Round (one of those old lovely wooden ones). Not a hectic party, but outside for hours, and the Kid doesn’t eat much at parties. Juice and cake, and lots of running. The kids found the water faucet and made a good puddle. The girls rescued the earthworms, and wanted to take them home.

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So many plans, so few hands

Remember that one pound cone of laceweight a few posts back?  I’m in the depths of the beginning of a lovely large epic possibly neverending idea.

I have a good number of nieces, at least 10, mostly in Mexico (ages 2 years to 17 or so?).  And I’m a godmother a few times over, mostly to nieces.  I’m making each of them a lace shawl.  (Don’t worry.  They’re in a family that appreciates handwork.)

lace for nieces books

 I have a small pile of books, and a good list of bookmarked webpages.  I lent out Victorian Lace Today (Jane Sowerby), and now I’m sure the shawl I want to knit first can only be in that book. 

I think this will take me many years.  I’ll be thrilled if I finish two a year.  To do so, I must start.  With only one.  Don’t ask which niece I’ll give it too!  (by age? by godmotherness, then age? by who my husband sees first when he visits? finish them all first and in good time to give them to their granddaughters?)

Wish me luck.

face and grass

(I warned you.)

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