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More Roses

Cecile Brunner rose. Settling happily into the front garden. 


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San Leandro St about 40th Ave Oakland

San Leandro Street, between 37th Ave and High Street, Oakland California, August 2015. It’s still there, just the surrounding graffiti changes. Now if I can grab a photo of the fence down the street, maybe around 35th Ave: Nuestro barrio no se vende, se defiende.

April 2014, Causa Justa published Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification in the Bay Area. Still a useful read in 2016.

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Last day of winter, first day of spring

A good Saturday morning when the sun comes in the kitchen window and lights up the coffee in the kitchen corner.

Last day of winter, coffee

A good winter morning to wander around the tiny front garden. The green season is in full green and the roses smell sweet.

Last day of winter, rose

Last day of winter, borage and poppy

Last day of winter, red maple

The first day of Spring is a good Sunday to visit la playa fria.

First day of spring, sand and ocean

First day of spring, la playa fría

First day of spring, lagoon dunes

Rainy and gray outside, but the roses are still bright.

Spring bouquet

A good weekend, never enough time.


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Walking on Wednesday

Wednesday I took myself for a walk up in the East Bay Regional Parks in the Oakland Hills.

I saw weaving.

Big Trees trail web

Grasd webs below Big Trees Tr

I saw seed heads lighter than down.

Lighter than down seeds below Big Trees

I walked through fog, and sun through fog, and sun.

Sun thru Fog thru Trees

Sun below Big Trees

I picked the Kid up from school (yup, already) and dragged him to Alameda Beach. Poor Kid. Heh.

Alameda Beach

I’m on vacation at home this week. I like it.

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Finding Orange

Mariscos Sinaloa on E 12th St at Fruitvale, Oakland California
Oranges mariscos sinaloa bldg

Pebble Beach on the San Mateo coast at sunset
Oranges pebble beach at sunset

Cloud above Pebble Beach on the San Mateo coast at sunset
Oranges sunset cloud pebble beach

Orange things in my kitchen
Oranges kitchen stuff

Local winter fruit
Orange winter fruit kitchen am

Wall inside an elementary school
Oranges school inside wall destiny

My bag in the sun
Oranges bag

California poppy in January
Oranges poppy january

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Ninja Crow

Ninja Crow

A murky photo, as Halloween pictures should be. I splurged on the amazing crow mask, that you can’t really see here, at the King’s Mountain Art Fair over the summer – handmade leather mask. I figure he’ll use it every year, and if he doesn’t I will.

I’m making dough for Pan de Muerto today, and I might even bake it tomorrow.  This batch is a new recipe for me, from My Sweet Mexico, and I hope it works.  I bought the cookbook this spring, before we went to Mexico to visit with the in-laws.  My attitude about going (they’re wonderful folks, but even so) turned around right into almost excited after paging through the book.  I may not have eaten all the dulces I was dreaming of, but oh, the bolillos they make in Los Reyes, Michoacan!  That is some good bread.  Husband mentioned in passing building a wood oven in the backyard…

I’m hungry now.

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A Life in Stitches

I spent some time talking to Mom today about books.  You know how easy it is to complain about irritations in a book?  I find it much harder to explain why I like a book so much. I usually resort to pushing it on everybody I know.

A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way Through Love, Loss, and Laughter by Rachael Herron is one of those good books.  All I can think to say sounds like gushing uncritical praise.  I think you should read it, and not just because I like Rachael for real, and I’ve been reading her blog for years.  Memoir essays.  Not memoir about her knitting, but with knitting.  I know a few stories from the blog, but in the book they are in finished form – smooth writing, strong voice, thoughtful and self-aware, substantial.

I think you should read this book.  If you don’t even know what the hell knitting is, you should read it.  All you need is an interest in people.  You might not like it, but it won’t be for the knitting.

I think you should read this book.  It’s really good.

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