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Old News? New News? Loom News?

I think I mentioned we got a Cricket rigid heddle loom?  Here’s photos I’ve had waiting patiently in a draft to share.  The Kid had a great time working on this.  In fact, if you ask him now, he claims he wove most of it.  Maybe it felt like a long time while he was doing it?  We’re pleased with the scarf, except the grey/brown (pygora and perendale lamb) is not as soft as it felt on the hands.  The Kid complains of itchiness (!!!!), so we won’t be giving it to his friend the Ham, who is ever so much more sensitive than the Kid is.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to keep it for myself.   We got it all from A Verb for Keeping Warm – the loom and the yarn.  We decided to save the bright green and blue Nature Spun that came in the Cricket box for a knit toy instead of using it for The First Scarf.  Just happened to have these three yarns sitting in a bag (how did they get there?) and I liked them together, so here they are.  Blue is Metamorphosis (fingering wt wool and silk), colour Indigo Blue Sky with a touch of Azure.  White is Shaggy Bear Farm Yarn BFL.  Grey/brown is Shaggy Bear Farm pygora/perendale lamb.  And the scarf is lovely!

What next?  I’ve got some mohair boucle from Be Sweet (olive green, turquoise).  When I went to Verb to show off The First Scarf, I brought the balls with me and Kristine suggested Magic Bean.  She’s the dyer.  She knows her colours.  She’s right.  I’ll warp with Magic Bean silk and weave on the mohairs, probably a different scarf for each colour.  I think it will be gorgeous, and too itchy to give to the Ham.  And quick, once I get the warp on the loom.  Ha!  Good thing Mom’s coming to visit again in a week or so.

new cricket

first project cricket

cricket first scarf indigo

I still have one leg to finish knitting to complete the Kid’s X Rabbit. How long will it take?  (that’s the blue and green from the Cricket starting yarn stuff.)   eta I just finished the rabbit.  Took maybe 15 minutes to finish knitting, stuff 2 legs, and sew on 2 legs. Glad I didn’t stall any longer ’cause that’s just silly.  Must take photo.  (eta = edited to add or estimated time of arrival?)



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