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What a week…

1.)  I got sick.  So unexpected!

2.) I went back to work quick, because that’s what we do.

3.) I decided to stop drinking coffee, since I hadn’t had any anyway.  Maybe cutting out caffeine will help everything feel better!  (eczema sux)

4.) I went back to work caffeine deprived and undernourished for a couple days.

4 1/2.) Kiddo had a dentist appointment Friday.

5.) I felt much better Saturday.

6.) The house was hideously messy, up from Needs-to-be-Cleaned-Now of previous weekend.

7.) I did nothing Saturday, and barely anything Sunday.

8.) I bought groceries on Monday!  Because I had no choice.

And I’m not sure what’s happened since then.  Very Busy!  I have a very early patient visit tomorrow morning, back to the house before the husband leaves for work at 7:30, then back into the normal morning runnings.  But that works out, because I plan to walk about with the kiddo’s class for a little fieldwork.

Do I sound pathetic?  I am.  At least I’m pathetic with more energy now!  No knitting though.  Neck hurts connected to the shoulder hurts connected to the wrist what the hell did I do to my wrist?!  And Saturday is the Walk-a-thon and… Pathetic.

Here’s a photo!
rag mitts

And another!
rag calorimetry

Rag Mitts and Calorimetry I finished a while ago for a friend with the (Noro of course!) yarn she bought me for my birthday.  Cheer!


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