Ya hecho – Whitby Socks

Ta Da!

Whitby from Nancy Bush Knitting on the Road.  Knit in the pattern yarn – Louet Gems Pearl (fingering weight), colour caribou, on DPNs 1.75mm/00. 

What I actually did:  Knit on 59 stitches to accomodate my gauge.  On the second sock, the heel flap is longer (maybe 20 instead of 17 chain stitches?).  I added arch shaping as described in Meg Swansen’s Knitting

I’d be happy to knit these again, and I might! (on a couple more stitches)  They’re very satisfying.  The yarn felt a bit hard and stringy as I knit, but in the finished sock it feels lovely.  I know yarn is string, but it’s not kitchen string!  Would you rather eat a sweet muffin out of a snack machine or still warm from my oven?  (I bake good muffins)

Still not the baby sweater.

Recently read:

E.B. White Charlotte’s Web Chapter III Escape.  Bedtime reading, chosen by the Kid.  The slops sound so good!


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